Get detailed Brazil imports of breakers which Brazil imported through Campinas Aeroporto

Year MonthCustoms Way of Transport Country HS Code Product Description FOB Value Quantity Measure UnitNet WeightShipper NameConsignee Name
20169Campinas AeroportoAirGermany85352100BREAKERSP / VOLTAGE SUP.1 KV AND LESS THAN 725 KV241949NUMERO (UNIDADE)871**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirPoland85352100BREAKERSP / VOLTAGE SUP.1 KV AND LESS THAN 725 KV40150NUMERO (UNIDADE)9**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirGermany85352900OTHER BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE EQUAL TO OR EXCEEDING 725 K511NUMERO (UNIDADE)0**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirUnited States85352900OTHER BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE EQUAL TO OR EXCEEDING 725 K26815NUMERO (UNIDADE)1**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirGermany85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV1059336062NUMERO (UNIDADE)2575**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirArgentina85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV3107216560NUMERO (UNIDADE)1842**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirBulgaria85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV154NUMERO (UNIDADE)0**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirChina85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV104019405NUMERO (UNIDADE)258**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirSpain85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV436570NUMERO (UNIDADE)10**********
20169Campinas AeroportoAirUnited States85362000BREAKERS P / VOLTAGE <= 1KV2118NUMERO (UNIDADE)0**********

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