Get detailed Brazil exports of explosion which Brazil exported from Belo Horizonte Aerop Confins

Year MonthCustoms Way of Transport Country HS Code Product Description FOB Value Quantity Measure UnitNet WeightShipper NameConsignee Name
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAUnited States84099140ELECTRONIC INJECTION-FOR EXPLOSION ENGINES2761NUMERO (UNIDADE)4**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAUnited States84099190OTHER PARTIES FOR EXPLOSION ENGINES2763QUILOGRAMA LIQUIDO3**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAGuatemala84099190OTHER PARTIES FOR EXPLOSION ENGINES300QUILOGRAMA LIQUIDO0**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAUnited States84133010PUMPS P / GASOLINE / ALCOHOL-P / EXPLOSION ENGINE921NUMERO (UNIDADE)1**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAGuatemala84133030PUMPS P / OIL LUBE-P / MOTOR EXPLOSION / DIESEL / SEM691NUMERO (UNIDADE)2**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAUnited States84133090OUTS.BOMBAS P / COMBUSTIVEIS-ETC.P / MOTOR EXPLOSION / DIESEL1841NUMERO (UNIDADE)1**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAGuatemala84133090OUTS.BOMBAS P / COMBUSTIVEIS-ETC.P / MOTOR EXPLOSION / DIESEL106520NUMERO (UNIDADE)17**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAGuatemala84212300APARS.P / FILTER MINERAL OILS IN EXPLOSION-ET ENGINES23730NUMERO (UNIDADE)1**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAGuatemala85111000Spark plugs P / MOTOR EXPLOSION / DIESEL5220NUMERO (UNIDADE)1**********
20169Belo Horizonte Aerop ConfinsAEREAUnited States85112010Magnet P / MOTOR EXPLOSION / DIESEL3682NUMERO (UNIDADE)3**********

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